ALOGIC 4 Outlet Power Board with Individual Switches & 4 USB Ports (4.5A Current) - Surge & Overload Protected - MOQ:2

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Alogic 4 Outlet Power Board with Individual Switches & 4 USB Ports (4.5A) - Surge & Overload Protected - Vrova Series

The VROVA power board VPB4P4A18 converts a single AC outlet to 4 extra AC outlets and 4 USB Ports. It is equipped with both surge and overload protection to keep your connected devices safe. Each AC outlet has its own power switch allowing you to turn on or off each connected AC device individually. The power board also features four USB ports to charge your mobile devices such as phones, smart watches, fitness bands etc with a total current output of up to 4.5A


Surge & Overload Protection:
Protects your electronic devices connected to the AC outlets or the USB ports from 
dangerous power surges, spikes, lightning strikes, and AC contamination.

Fast USB Charging with 4 USB Ports:
4 surge protected USB ports to charge all your USB devices.
Eliminates the need to connect separate USB AC adapters


Product Details

GroupName Name Value
Specifications Compatible Size NA
Specifications Physical Characteristics Dimensions: 336.27 x 76.27 x 33.36 (mm), Unit Weight: 500gms
Specifications Product Type Outlet Power Board
Specifications User Interface Outputs: 4 AC Outlets with Individual Switches (10A), 4 USB Charging Ports (4.5A) | Inputs: 3 Pin Australian Plug 10A
Specifications Warranty 1 Year

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