Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo+ Twin Pack



  • Uniden has released the 2nd generation of its wire-free home security range with a cloud based, rechargeable, solar powered, full HD 1080P, home security camera called the Guardian App Cam Solo+ Twin Pack
  • The weatherproof* App Cam Solo+ Twin Pack is the second generation of the popular App Cam Solo wire-free camera, and includes improved functionality, such as Thermo Sense Technology, rechargeable batteries and an optional solar power connection for an uninterrupted power supply
  • With a new contemporary design, the App Cam Solo+ can be placed anywhere inside and outside of the home to keep watch at any angle.

Product Details

Camera Wirefree full HD 1080P Smart Security Camera
Compatability Clous & SD card compatible
Battery Quick swap rechargeable battery
Specs Thermo sense heat & movement detection
Inclusions 2 x app cam solo cameras, 2 x flat mounts, 2 x reset tools, 2 x rechargeable batteries, 2 x screw mounts, 2 x silicon weatherproof covers, 2 x mounting straps, 2 x screw mounting kits
Box Weight 1245 x 230 x 90 mm
Box Dimensions 0.85kg

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